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About Me

Hello. My name is Robert. Having completed various studies I joined the army service for a year to complete my national service and to experience what it is really like being a soldier. I achieved a rank of sergeant. After political changes in Central Europe, I came to the UK to improve my language skills.  My banking career started when I joined one of the biggest financial institutions in the world as a cashier and have worked my way up to a senior position as a risk and operations manager. I like exploring new opportunities, I like to learn new things, to build lasting relationships and help community around me.
I helped to guide, develop and improve skills of many of my colleagues and teams that I used to lead, progressing and enhancing my and their abilities to face challenges that financial profession can bring.
I volunteer and help at my daughter’s school and any charity that asks for help. The local karate club is one of the venues where the sense of community is nurtured even more and I am happy to be a part of it too. I am learning how to play violin, guitar and when time allows I try to fit in a bit of piano practice.
I would like to add the quote by René Descartes that always resonated with me : “Cogito, ergo sum” [“I think, therefore I am”]. That is what differentiate us from many and makes us so close to a few. So, where does Reiki fit in? I have always felt that there was something ‘out there’ that I was able to connect to. I was able to help others in ways that were different and fascinating at the same time. Being able to understand what actual cause of issues in people’s lives was, allowed me to ‘work’ together and find a way of addressing it. Thus, I am happy to share experience and knowledge as it is satisfying to see how it makes changes happen in people’s lives. Let us talk and see where Reiki experience takes us.  


Why to have Reiki with me?

I am genuinely interested in helping others so that they can discover the inner peace and find the emotional, physical and spiritual balance. 


'There is no future without the vision'

(Calfa, 2021).


My vision is the world without greed, hate and violence, that means making the world full of generosity, love and peace. It is possible and it starts with me and you doing the right thing when it matters.  Now is the time to work together and I invite you to share this opportunity.

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