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Reiki Lux is at Haelan Clinic 

Reiki Lux is now providing Reiki sessions at Haelan Clinic in Crouch End. This well-established holistic centre and clinic is renowned for its wide range of amazing products and offer of therapies including Reiki. Check the link below for further info or contact Reiki Lux to book an appointment to experience Reiki session at the venue. 

Hello, my name is Robert. A warm welcome from me and thank you for reading. I discovered Reiki over 20 years ago and been fascinated ever since. However, I pursued the career in finance and once the banking chapter was finished, the time for a real spiritual change arrived.


We are spiritual beings full of love, we are emotional beings, we are beings with the soul and we seek something profound in our lives.


If these words resonate with you and it simply makes sense, the path to inner peace and happiness is opening in front of you. I would like to invite you to embark on a journey to inner peace, happiness and change in life. I was able to discover this and more thanks to Reiki, so I am happy to share this with you.


What is Reiki? 


Reiki is a natural system that can introduce sense of well-being and spiritual awareness. Reiki is translated from Japanese as Universal Life Energy. It was established by Mikao Usui in 1920s. The story is fascinating and you can find out on the Internet vast troves of stories about Mikao Usui.


​The practice is associated with the placing of hands on (hands off is an alternative) a recipient’s body as a complementary and holistic therapy. The flow of energy may allow the body to release stress and various blockages in the body thus helping naturally for the body to rebalance and discover the spiritual beings in ourselves.  

​Reiki is safe as it is a natural form of energy and everyone including pregnant women, babies, children and elderly people can benefit.

​Reiki treatment provides a profoundly relaxing, almost meditative experience. People experience a release of stress or anxiety and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and rediscovery of oneself. However, the experience is subjective, variable and sometimes seemingly unproductive. One may feel heat from the practitioner’s hands, or tingling sensations or even cold. Some people see colours or visions and may receive relief from physical pain or the release of negative emotions.

​Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, Reiki can alleviate symptoms of some aches or pain, assist with ability to relax and meditate, general feeling of well-being and allowing for the mind to achieve more peaceful sense of being.  


What Reiki can do for you:


-          Alleviate effects of stress and anxiety

-          Alleviate symptoms of certain aches and pains

-          Help to find emotional and mental health balance

-          Help to recharge, re-energise and help to feel positive


Let us explore the world of Reiki, what it can do for you, what it can do for people you care about and what it can do for your true well-being. 


Presently, I am registered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and a member of UK Reiki Federation.



Pricing and Structure of the session


Prior to the first appointment at the clinic, I will have a video call (up to half an hour) with you to introduce myself and address any questions you might have. You will be provided a questionnaire and consent form which I kindly ask you to complete before the session. I do not charge any fees for this initial consultation. 


Face-to-face session lasts approximately 90 mins and it comprises up to 10 minutes’ consultation, 60 mins Reiki session and up to 20 minutes’ Reiki intuitive reading i.e., review of the practitioner’s and client’s  experiences, the outcomes and future steps. This is an integral part of the Reiki session.

When the booking is confirmed, the full payment is required to secure the treatment room. The fee for the session is £85.


The receipt for Private Insurers or Health Cash Plan providers is available upon request.


Cancellation policy


Please note that at least 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of the appointment. If the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours’ notice, 50% of the session’s price is charged.  If the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours, the full price is charged. When there is an emergency cancellation, we will discuss the options. It is important to arrive for the appointment on time as time allocated for the appointment is set in advance and the schedule needs to be adhered to. Thank you for your understanding.

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