What I offer 

Different options for different needs

Presently, I offer Reiki Healing sessions (distance or face-to-face) , Reiki Intuitive Reading (more in-depth review of Reiki Healing session) and Reiki for children. Carry on reading to find out more and contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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'There is no future without the vision' (Calfa, 2021). My vision is the world without greed, hate and violence, that means making the world full of generosity, love and peace. It is possible and it starts with me and you doing the right thing when it matters.  Now is the time to work together and I invite you to share this opportunity. You might wonder why the image of a galaxy?  Earth is part of a similar galaxy...so small and part of such a vast space. One might see things from a different perspective.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki  Healing session allows you to relax, immerse in meditative state of mind, opening the energetic flow that enables the body and the individual to find connection between oneself and inner tranquility.  It is non-invasive technique where the energy is channeled to the areas of need and promotes sense of peaceful well-being. The session consists of a Reiki Healing, consultation before and after. Allocated time is 90 minutes. I kindly ask for £75 for this session. We can discuss a discount if you book more sessions should they be needed. Thank you. 

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Reiki Reading

Reiki Reading is a more profound review of experiences during Reiki Healing. During the session there may be sensations or feelings being 'projected' as images. Throughout the treatment, Reiki is channeled to the appropriate areas of need. Reiki Reading consists of Reiki Healing Session, consultations with you before and after, plus session designed to review the reading. Furthermore, I will summarise it all for you with the detailed account of the whole experience and provide you with a written format for your reference. (It will be supplied later). Allocated time is 2 hours. I kindly ask £95 for the whole session. Thank you. 

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Reiki for Children

Reiki for children gives the opportunity for little ones to experience the feeling of relaxation, calmness and peacefulness.

The Reiki session takes place in a safety of your own home and it is advisable for the parent to be present for additional comfort and reassurance. I would not use a traditional Reiki treatment table, it is more natural to choose the setting at home where a child is comfortable. Relaxing music can be played to create a friendly ambience.

Reiki’s gentle technique allows for the energy to flow through practitioner’s hands and is applied to the areas of need. There is no need for a physical contact, the hands are a few centimeters above the body. Reiki can alleviate symptoms of some conditions and benefits may include deep relaxation and promotion of healthy wellbeing. 

The session lasts an hour. The fee for the session is £45. I can offer a treatment for siblings e.g. two treatments for £80. I am happy to discuss different options. Thank you